SparkEd 2018: Sparking Creativity Thru Technology

De La Salle Santiago Zobel School (DLSZ) invites you to the SparkEd 2018: Sparking Creativity Thru Technology, a seminar-workshop on 21st Century Learning with Innovative Technology Integration, on October 25-26, 2018.
  1. Seminar-Workshop on ICT – Basic and Advanced Courses

The program will help teachers to develop the skills and competencies that are necessary in designing Blended Learning Lessons and Environments.   The Basic Training is given for a basic appreciation of the basic characteristics of a Blended Learning Lesson and ways on designing Blended Learning Lesson based on certain subject contexts.  Moreover, the Advance Training is designed to deepen Blended Learning lesson designs for returnees to SPARKEd sessions.

  1. Seminar-Workshop / Robotics – Basic and Advanced Courses

Provide training and planning session on integrating Robotics in Science, Math and Computer Technology subjects. Conduct basic and advanced robotics programming on developing critical thinking skills using different robotics kits.

Day 1: October 25, 2018

GS and HS Basic & Advanced ICT

    • Classroom Observations
  • Sparklit Students Edition

Basic Robotics

    • Classroom Observations
  • Sparklit Students Edition: Robotics Elite Team

Advanced Robotics

    • Classroom Observations
    • Overview of the DLSZ Robotics Advanced Program
    • Microcontroller Basics
  • Robot Motion

Day 2: October 26, 2018

GS Basic ICT

    • Powering up Learning:   A Creative Spin in Teaching History through Station Rotation
    • Facilitating Personalized Learning through Lesson Playlist
  • Transforming Learning Experiences in Whole Class and Flipped Classroom

GS Advanced ICT

    • SAMR Fun has Began:Transforming Classroom Activities through SAMR Cycle and Powerful Productivity and Web-based Apps
    • Cooking with Math: Creating Quick and Easy Assessments for Learning
  • Making Sense of Noun Use through a Productivity App

HS Basic ICT

    • Teaching Creativity through Station Rotation in Art
    • Teaching Creativity through Lesson Playlist in a Math Class
  • Designing Creative Flipped Lessons in Filipino

HS Advanced ICT

    • Creating Researches Using Blended Learning
    • Assessing Using Blended Learning Tools
  • Teaching Creativity in Physical Education Using Blended Learning

Basic Robotics

    • Part 1: Overview of the DLSZ Robotics Basic Program
    • Part 2: Lecture
    • Part 3: Building
    • Part 4: Programming
    • Part 5: Dry-Run
    • Part 6: Robotics Mini Competition
  • Part 7: Awarding

Advanced Robotics

    • Robotics Workshop (Con’t.)
    • Part 4: Sensors: Distance and Line Tracker
    • Part 5: SumoBot
    • Part 6: Robotics Mini Competition
  • Part 7: Awarding

Who are invited to attend this seminar-workshop?

Answer:  This is open to public and private schools. The following persons will benefit much from this seminar workshop:

  • Principal
  • Computer Technology Coordinator
  • Education Technology Coordinator
  • Information and Communication Technology Head/Personnel
  • Teachers
  • Academic Personnel


How do I pay?

Answer: The following are your payment options:

  • Cash (payable to De La Salle Santiago Zobel School onsite)
  • Check (payable to De La Salle Santiago Zobel School)
    This can be deposited in advance through DLSZ’s Union Bank account CA 01-803-000669-1; Bank of the Philippine Islands-Muntinlupa Branch account CA#3161-0475-88 and Land Bank of the Philippines- Almanza, Las Pinas Branch account CA#2462-1014-33.
    Kindly email a copy of the deposit slip to

An additional Php800.00 per night will be charged for lodging exclusive of dinner and breakfast for 40 Females and 40 Males on a first come, first serve basis.

Please email a scanned copy of the deposit slip/proof of payment to

For details and schedule please email


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